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People need to be healthy to meet the challenges they face. In addition to the normal health concerns we all have, the people we serve live in a very toxic environment, are often malnourished, do not have ready access to safe water, and must contend with parasites and illnesses such as Dengue Fever.

We welcome any medical and health professionals – doctors, dentists, nurses, physiotherapists, masseuses etc. – to come and volunteer your time and skills.


A proper education is necessary to obtain good employment and break the cycle of working on the garbage dump or for sub-poverty wages. New Beginnings will provide the necessary funds and support to allow children to attend school, including registration, fees, programs, activities and uniforms. The cost of school is often prohibitive for these families, especially for families with multiple children.

New Beginnings also provides educational assistance to adults, by assisting adults to enroll in programs to obtain an education or new occupational skills.

English classes are available to help adults obtain employment in the tourist and service industry.

Lunch Program

A nutritious meal is provided to the children every Monday to Friday. The meal is usually given at 1:00 p.m, as the children who attend morning school are home, and the children who attend afternoon school have not yet left. Children’s chew-able multi-vitamins are also given when available.

The meals are varied, to provide as broad a range of vitamins, minerals and nutrition as possible.


Volunteers work on the school yard enclosure

Volunteers work on the school yard enclosure

Food Program

The families often need assistance to ensure there is enough food. A family of 6 (2 adults, 4 children) will spend about $100 pesos a day on food. However, this will only purchase a bag of rice, eggs, tortillas, salsa, and zuko (fruit crystals). This is what a family will eat, every day, if there is enough money. Fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and milk are not part of a family’s normal diet.

New Beginnings supplements each families diet by providing a bag of groceries – called a dispensa – weekly.  The contents of the dispensa are determined by the donated and purchased stock on hand.

Supplemental food packages are provided to families when requested.


New Beginnings holds spanish speaking bible study daily. NIV English/Spanish bibles are provided to all who participate. It is the desire of New Beginnings volunteers to show the heart of Jesus in all that we do and say.


Volunteers are required to pay their own expenses. New Beginnings volunteers living in Mexico may be able to provide limited accommodation at a reduced cost. Projects, such as cosntruction, should be funded by visiting volunteers.

New Beginnings welcomes “intentional volunteers”, such as doctors, dentists and teachers. Volunteers who wish to provide specific programs, such as marriage courses, are also welcomed.

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Information about sponsorship is available from New Beginnings, please use the Contacts page.

Operating Costs

New Beginnings volunteers pay for their own costs.

Donations directed to cover these operating costs are appreciated.