We believe that while people do appreciate the help and assistance they receive from New Beginnings, they would rather earn their own living and provide for themselves and their families.

However, in underprivileged communities, this is often unattainable. There are many reasons for this, such as education, food insecurity, poor health and access to medical services etc.  New Beginnings does work to address all of these concerns, but there remains one challenge that the individuals in these communities cannot resolve themselves – access to profitable business opportunities and startup funding.

To help rectify this, New Beginnings has an Income Generating Program, where people can be trained in a particular enterprise, and provided funding and operational support until they can operate independently.


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There currently are programs, such as the Jewelry Program, where a group of women have been trained to make jewelry which they sell at local tourist markets. The jewelry is high quality artisan jewelry, made from imported materials, such as higher quality Czech beads. This project was very close to operating independently when Covid began, and the access to materials and markets was restricted.  An online store is in development, and the women will be trained to operate this store.

The members of this group began as women working at the garbage dump or other low paying jobs. Very few had more than a grade 6 education.  Now, they are businesswomen. The group has a workshop; a bank account; a credit card; is developing an online store. They will be well positioned to continue their journey to independence once they have recovered from the impact of Covid.

A similar sewing project was begun, but the members are not ready to operate independently.

New Beginnings supports Income Generating initiatives by providing training; support; startup funding, and governance until the initiative is able to operate on its own. 

Your support will enable people, and their families, an opportunity to provide for themselves and become contributing members to their community.

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