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Public Schools

A proper education is necessary to obtain good employment and break the cycle of generational poverty. New Beginnings will provide the necessary funds and support to allow children to attend public school, including registration, fees, programs, activities and uniforms. The cost of school is often prohibitive for these families, especially for families with multiple children.

When we first began working in this community, in 2008, very few children were registered in public school (grades 1-6) and their attendance was spotty. There were no children registered in kindergarten, middle or high schools.

There were a few reasons for this; families couldn’t afford registration fees, uniforms and supplies; children were unwell or malnourished; children were required to work to help with family income; or parents were uneducated and didn’t understand the importance of education.

New Beginnings has always believed that education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and, over the years, we have focused on addressing each of these barriers to education. By supporting the families in need, we have seen school attendance grow. All children now attend kinder, primary, most attend middle school; some are in high school and through sponsorships, a few have continued on to university. In 2022, the Madre Selva community celebrated their first university graduate. This is exciting!

We will assist approximately 130 students register for public school. Depending on the grade level and back-to-school sales, the average cost per student, for the basics, will be about $100 CAD.

New Beginnings also provides educational assistance to adults, by assisting adults to enroll in programs to obtain an education or new occupational skills. Through New Beginnings sponsorships and support, Hector and Marbella have completed Nursing studies, and are now working at the local hospital and a nursing home.


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