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Education – Public

A proper education is necessary to obtain good employment and break the cycle of generational poverty. New Beginnings will provide the necessary funds and support to allow children to attend public school, including registration, fees, programs, activities and uniforms. The cost of school is often prohibitive for these families, especially for families with multiple children.

Education – La Escuelita

We partner with La Escuelita which offers a before/after school program in a safe and caring environment.  Children receive assistance with school work (supporting the public school curriculum), a meal, and  vitamins.

Food Program

The families often need assistance to ensure there is enough food. Insecurity about the quantity of food and the quality of food is an everyday thing.

Income Generating Programs

We believe that while people do appreciate the help and assistance they receive from New Beginnings, they would rather earn their own living and provide for themselves and their families.


People need to be healthy to meet the challenges they face, especially children. New Beginnings provides access to doctors, medicines and medical equipment that those we serve cannot afford or access on their own.


New Beginnings has many programs: education; nutrition; construction; income generating; medical; spiritual.  Each of these programs require transportation of some sort, either people or food or materials.  There is a need for a vehicle which will meet all of those needs.


New Beginnings is a Christian organization, and providing spiritual programs is a core objective.  This objective is met through larger programs such as planting churches, to more personal interactions such as bible studies and pastoral care.

Your donation will be used to promote the love of Jesus Christ – both in word and deed. In particular, we wish to engage a local Pastor full time, and need donations to pay for their salary.


New Beginnings does provide for direct support to an individual or family, through sponsorships.  Your donation can be targeted to a specified person or family for general support, or for a particular cause, as long as the support aligns with New Beginnings objectives.


There is always a need for construction of some sort in the communities we serve.  This can range from large project such as building a Church/Community Centre to simple projects like pouring a cement floor in a tarpaper home.  Natural events, such as hurricanes or flooding, will generate a need to repair and rebuild homes.

Your donation will be used to support the community in three ways.  First, any construction project will improve the living standard of the community.  Second, when possible, building materials are purchased locally, supporting local small businesses.  Third, local men are often used in the construction projects whenever possible.  If wages can be paid, this will help the men support their families.

Operating Costs

New Beginnings is a non profit charitable organization.  Therefore, it has all of the operating costs attributed to any business – such as lawyers’ fees; accounting fees; bank fees; office equipment etc.  There is an administrative demand to manage the organization and maintain the proper paperwork and records for the governments of Alberta, Canada and Mexico.  While the work can be done by New Beginnings Directors or volunteers, there are material and operating costs.

New Beginnings Directors do not receive any monetary support, such as a salary or stipend. They pay all their own expenses. The goal is to have as high a percentage of donations as possible reach the communities we serve.