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The families often need assistance to ensure there is enough food. Insecurity about the quantity of food and the quality of food is an everyday thing.

We believe that access to healthy nutrition everyday, especially for children, is vital. Not only are the families eating better, but all of our other programs run better.

For example, we had been running our education program for a number of years, and noticed that many of the children had stopped going to school before grade 6. When we asked the parents why, since the education costs were fully funded, the answer was that the family needed food. The children were being pulled from school to go to work, so the family could have food.

We began our food program in earnest, right then. We commited to help the families with healthy food, if they committed to keeping their children in school. The Food Program has made our Education Program successful.

In the early years, we were making many trips to doctors and to the hospitals, with sick children and adults. In one year, we brought over 1,000 people to various medical services. We enhanced our Food Programs to include fresh vegetables and fruits, and vitamins. This helped reduce the requirement for medical services.

We have entered into a partnership with La Huerta, the largest frozen food supplier in Mexico. La Huerta donates 1 metric tonne of frozen vegetables every two weeks, which is distributed to the community as part of the despensa program.

Assistance with food is absolutely essential to the success of our Education and Medical programs. A donation to the Food Program is a donation to all three programs.


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